Viral video of little girl shielding her siblings from a vehicle leaves netizens in awe!

In order to shield her siblings, the oldest one stepped ahead and signalled the approaching vehicle to stop by stretching both her hands.

In a recent viral, a video of a little girl shielding her siblings from an approaching vehicle has caught attention of the internet. The video clearly expresses the protective sentiment of an elder sibling towards the younger. The short clip being talked about, is sure to bring an innocent smile to the viewer’s face.

The clip shows three tiny tots standing at a construction site when a vehicle approaches towards them. As soon as it is spotted by the oldest sibling, she gets into the ‘responsible elder sibling’ mode. She goes ahead of the other two and stretches out both her hands, signalling the vehicle to come to a halt. The vehicle immediately stopped moving post which, the girl pulled both the younger ones aside to a safer place. The video also shows the genuine love shared between siblings.

The video was shared on Twitter by a handle name @Yoda4ever. The video went with a caption which read, “Little girl takes her big sister job seriously…” Take a look at the video here:

The video of a little girl shielding her siblings was shared on the social media platform December 14. It has garnered over 400k views ever since. The 25 second clip has also got over 32k likes and several comments. While some users took a dig at the driver and some showed concern for the safety of the kids, all shared one common emotion; agreeing to the cuteness of the video.

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