Viral video: Nasa shares scary clip of hurricane Ian seen from space

Hurricane Ian slammed the Florida coast with winds going at the speed of 241 kilometers per hour (kmph) on Wednesday. The category 4 hurricane is one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the US.  Before making landfall in Florida, the storm previously lashed Cuba and killed two people, as reported. Amid this, several photos and videos from the destruction have surfaced online. Now, NASA has also shared an astounding video showing what the hurricane looked like from space.

The video captured from the International Space Station (ISS), shows a scary image of the storm that was clicked from an orbit 415 km above the Earth. NASA shared the video on its Instagram page along with a caption that reads, “Hurricane Ian as seen from the International Space Station on Sept. 28, 2022, as it orbited 258 miles (415 km) above.”

Further in the caption, they mentioned that more than 20 Earth-observing satellites work together to provide information and updates on extreme weather events. “We collaborate with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, and design, build and launch some of the satellites that provide data that feed numerical weather prediction models,” they added further.

Nasa concluded the post by saying, “The video captures Hurricane Ian as it makes landfall in Florida earlier this afternoon at 3 p.m. ET.”


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So far, the video has garnered more than 8.8 million views and tons of comments. One person wrote, “We love you NASA” and another comment read, “Imagine skydiving into it.”

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