Viral video: Man rides motorcycle in a river, Internet is divided

In the now viral clip, a man can be seen riding a motorcycle in a river. Yes, you read it right, watch video to believe your eyes

The Internet is a storehouse of contents that can leave us happy, sad, or even awestruck. Such a video has surfaced online and has taken everyone by storm. In the now viral clip, a man can be seen riding a motorcycle in a river. Yes, you read it right, it is confirmed that the video is authentic and has not been edited at any point.

Shared on Twitter by MotorOctane, the short clip features a man with the hem of his pant folded by the legs to prevent his attire from getting wet. Seconds into the video and he can be seen descending down a plank and then into the river. He kept riding the bike in the water body until he reached a ferry to help cross the deep parts of the river.

“The perfect example of ‘Where there is a will, there’s a way’. Thoughts about this? Very clever or just very risky?” reads the caption of the post.

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Take a look:

So far, the post has garnered more than 531k views and tons of comments. Twitter users had conflicting thoughts about the man’s stunt and filled the comment section with divided reactions.

One person wrote, “Obviously risky. What happens to the engine if the water enters the exhaust?” and another comment read, “We sometimes can’t even Imagine the risks one has to take to earn his daily bread.”

A third user commented, “Locals know their river he must be living there since childhood, it’s common in Assam” and a fourth person joked, “He will be the guy telling stories to his grandchildren that ‘Once Upon a Time I used to cross river water on a bike to go to Office..and now you guys are used to this Work from Home culture…’

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  1. Rej says

    Dam!, It’s not the exhaust with constant output/pressure to worry about….but rather the Air intake for the Engine!.. where’s the snorkel? Wild…. obviously knows the safe route.

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