Viral Video: Man Opens Window To Feed Tiger, Watch What Happened Next

In a viral video, a bus driver can be seen offering treat to a tiger through the bus' window. Internet is divided by the man's action.

In today’s viral video, a bus driver can be seen offering treat to a tiger through the bus’ window. It is astonishing how the beast came to the man like he is a daily visitor. However, what happened next has left the Internet in a cliffhanger.

In the widely circulated clip, a man can be seen holding a piece of meat on a stick, inviting the tiger to come get his treat. The wildly stands on its hinds, while its front half of the body takes support from the standing vehicle. It grabs the meat and gobbles it up through the small opening of the window and then wipes its face with the paw.

After feeding the tiger was done eating, the driver motions the animal to go away as he tries to shut the window.

Shared on Instagram by ‘The Amazing Tigers,’ the video has garnered more than 1.8 million views.

Take a look:

Netizens flocked to the comment section to react to the video. While some called it a “bold move,” many questioned the driver’s action. Some also made silly jokes and laughed it off.

“The kind tiger didn’t order combo pack of meat stick with holding hand” wrote one user and another commented, “What if the Tiger had stolen the smartphone?”

One showed concern and wrote, “To be honest, the tiger might not be hungry today. It doesn’t have to be like that forever. Please don’t repeat it again” and another comment read, “Hope you know cats can get into small spaces in just one leap. Keep doing foolishness for likes.”

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