Viral Video: Goat Born With Human-Face, Worshiped Like God

Pictures and videos of a baby goat are going viral on different social media platforms as it is being worshiped by people like God.

The reason behind the pictures and videos of the newborn goat doing the rounds from cellphone to cellphone is that it has four legs and ears like a goat, the rest part of its body looked like a human.

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The eerie-looking human-faced baby goat is born at the house of one Ajaybhai Vasava, a farmer, in Seltipada village of Gujarat’s Songadh taluka.

In one of the viral videos, the newborn goat can be seen having a forehead, eyes, mouth and some parts of a human being. Besides, it did not even have a tail.

According to reports, the got survived merely for only ten minutes.

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It is to be noted there that mutant animals usually attract the attention of people as most of them consider those animals to be a sign of god.

Watch Video: (Credit- mahesh Chollangi)

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