Viral Video: Crocodile spotted in the streets of a village in Karnataka

It is not quite often that wild animals are seen wandering across human settlements. However, with destruction of their natural habitat these wild animals occasionally deviate into  human settlements.

Recently, a video clip of a crocodile strolling in the streets of a village in Karnataka went viral and is being shared across various social media platforms.

The incident occurred in Kogilban village in Dandeli under Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka on Thursday. This incident triggered panic among the villagers for a couple of hours. However, the incident was informed to the forest officials and the crocodile was rescued and released in a nearby Kali river .

In the video, a crocodile could be seen crawling in a fearless way on the streets of the village. However, the locals of the village kept a safe distance from the reptile and abstained from teasing. The voice of the crowds can be heard in the background. A dog is also seen barking at the crocodile.

The video was uploaded on Twitter by ANI is 24 seconds in length and has garnered 95.5K views, 3.8 likes and 669 re-tweets till date.

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