Viral video: Alcoholic man teases ravenous lioness with chicken, watch what happens next

An alcoholic man sitting on a chair teases a huge hungry lioness with chicken, goes viral in the social media

The internet is always filled with entertaining content. Every now and then, we come across viral videos and photos that leave us amazed. One such entertaining video featuring an intoxicated man has surfaced online. Wondering what the man did to grab the internet’s attention? Read to know.

The video opens with an alcoholic man sitting on a chair while a huge lioness is spotted about two feet away from him. The man is seen holding the chicken in his hands which the lioness had come for. Unexpectedly, he plays with the chicken while the lioness tries to grab it from his hand. The lioness succeeds to catch the chicken after a little period of teasing and runs off.

The clip of the man doing all kinds of hilarious activities and stunts was shared on Twitter by a user named Logical Thinker. The caption in the post read, “This is the confidence after having 5 pegs.”

Take a moment to look at the video here:

The video was an instant hit as it went viral almost immediately after getting shared. So far, the video has garnered tons of likes and comments. Highly impressed by the video, netizens flooded the comment section with their reactions.

One user wrote, “I think the lioness had the 5 pegs. She could have gone for a bigger leg.” Another commented, “daru nahi pe hai accept ki bande mai hai dum.” A third comment read,” Nashe mein lion tha nahi to bade murge pe panja marta wo.” A fourth wrote,” He sure is drunk crazy!”

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