Viral video: Afraid of vaccine, UP climbs up tree, another wrestles with official

Where India government is making people aware of the importance of being vaccinated in the fight against the novel Corona virus. Many are afraid this might have a negative effect on their body. For the same reason villagers of Uttar Pradesh showed extreme hesitancy and refused to get vaccinated by doing bizarre things.

During a Covid vaccination awareness drive in Ballia district, people gave a tough time to the team of officials. A video shot by a health official shows a man climbing a tree to escape vaccination.

The man in the clip, can be seen climbing up a small tree when officials approached him and tried to explain him into getting vaccinated. An official can be heard saying, “Aap neeche utriye pehle (Please get down the tree first),” while people on the ground tried to persuade him into getting the jab.

After a lot of coaxing, he climbs down from the tree and gets vaccinated by officials.

Watch Video Here:

Ballia district, currently, has a very low percentage of overall vaccinations in the entire state.

However, later another video came to surface, in which a man can be seen wrestling with a health official on the banks of a river to dodge his covid shot.

Take a look:

The video caption, written in Hindi, roughly translates to, “The boatman knocked-off the official in his persistence for not getting vaccinated.”

The videos were shot by the health officials during the drive.

India government has recently announced that no person will be forced to take the vaccination. However, many awareness campaigns have been running over the country to help people learn the importance of Covid jabs.

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