Viral ! Tiger comes face to face with huge bear, See what happens next

If anyone has watched The Jungle Book, they can easily relate the scene where Mowgli was save by his dear friend Baloo from the tiger Sher Khan.

One such video is going viral on social media where you can see a sloth bear coming face-to-face with a tiger. You can also see a huge black bear walks up and stands up to scare the tiger.

The tiger looking ready to attack, flinches away but the bear changes its direction without confronting the tiger and the video ends there.

The video was shared on Twitter by IFS officer Saket Badola with the following caption: “Greetings, of a slightly different kind.” The video was shot by Naman Agarwal at the Tadoba Tiger reserve in Maharashtra.

The video has garnered around 35,000 views and 2,000 likes and also received several reactions.

The Tadoba Tiger Reserve, a protected forest, is spread across 625 square kilometres in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra.

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