Viral song Kacha Badam original singer: All about the West Bengal’s peanut seller

Nowadays, every time you scroll through the Internet, you are likely to come across people grooving on the viral Kacha Badam song. The song that is going viral on social media, surprisingly, is not an high-end production or a remastered track but in fact a composition of a peanut seller from West Bengal.

The song evolved into an overnight sensation and positioned itself at the top of trend charts after a musician added peppy beats to the song and released his rendition of the song online.

The original creator of the song is identified as, Bhuban Badyakar, a resident of Kuraljuri village, Lakshminarayanpur Panchayat in West Bengal. He composed the Kacha Badam song based on the widespread Baul folk tune.

Watch Video Here:

Video credit- YouTube/Rupoms Reel

Bhuban sells peanut for living and to provide for his three kids. Reportedly, he cycles far away to villages to vends peanuts in exchange for small trinkets and broken household items. Every day, he manages to sell around 3- 4 kgs of peanuts and earn Rs 200-250. However, after Bhuban’s song went viral, the popularity is proving to be a positive thing for him and his business. As ‘Kacha Badam’ became a social media anthem of sorts, his business has flourished.

Recently, the peanut seller also made to the national media channels after he visited the police pressing rightful credit for his song and claiming copyright for the song.

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