Viral: Deep-Fried Water Is The Latest Food Trend In Internet

Ever heard of a food called deep-fried water? Well there were a lot of bizarre food items like Chocolate Maggi, Mc Donald’s ice cream, strawberry on pizza, vegan cicken, nutella biryani, chywanprash ice cream which were trending on the web during the covid pandemic.

The latest addition to the long list of bizarre or weird edible items is Deep-fried water. This item has recently gone viral on the social media and is grabbing a lot of attention.

This food trend was initially posted on YouTube in 2016 and was uploaded by Jonathan Marcus. In the video the blogger tried deep-frying water by coating water in flour, egg, bread crumbs and fried 12 globules in peanut oil for an event called ‘The San Francisco Stupid Shit Nobody Needs And Terrrible Ideas Hackathon’.

Five Years Later chemical engineer & a Youtuber James Orgill, uploaded the video in his channel The Action Lab where he makes an ‘edible water membrane’ and got it right in first attempt. James used a chemical compound called calcium alginate which binds the water in a liquid membrane, keeping it in a solid-state.

Video Courtesy:The Action Lab

However, the attempt shows that it is extremely dangerous because oil and water don’t mix together and even a small leakage can create an explosive splash.

“Now this works totally well for those who are not looking to add a lot of calories to your diet,” James says in the video.

James explains the scientific reasons of the recipe to the audience and represents the dish as ‘raw jellyfish.’ Explaining about the taste he added it as “really gross and no flavour just kind of salty and slimy.”


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