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Viral: Complicated math question for 5th grader leaves Internet stumped

A tricky math exam question that was intended for fifth graders has gone viral after many claimed that they were unable to answer it.

There is a wealth of humorous content on the internet. We occasionally come across images and videos that blow us away, especially those from our time in school. Every single individual dread taking their math test in school. In light of it, a tricky math exam question that was intended for fifth graders has become popular online after many adults claimed that they were unable to answer it.

The difficulty of the question has also astounded the social media users, with many claiming that they would almost certainly fail the exam if the questions were this difficult. Many users also stated that they were unable to solve the problem, while others attempted to decode it.

The picture of the question was shared on Reddit. Although the original post was deleted, we were able to retrieve a copy of it.

The image was an instant hit as it went viral almost immediately after getting shared. So far, the video has garnered tons of likes and comments. Highly impressed by the video, netizens flooded the comment section with their reactions.

One user wrote, “And now we can all see why Are You are Smarter Than a 5th Grader? worked as a game show.” Another commented, “I always think to myself; ‘Ugh. People should really be tested with basic skills before they’re allowed to go out into society. And then I see this and realize I shouldn’t go out into society LOL!” A third comment read, “Right? Am I the only one who thinks OP [Original Poster] is a 5th grader posting his homework to Reddit, so people respond with the answer?”

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