Vietnamese dad builds a wooden electric Lamborghini car for his son; watch video

Parents go to extend for their kids. Whether they need ice creams or fancy toys, they will do anything for their happiness. Similarly, a father in Vietnam raised the bars of parenthood as he built an electric car for his son who seems to have immense interest in luxurious cars.

On June 2, a woodworker, Truong Van Dao, took to his Facebook to share a picture of himself standing beside the car and handing over what appears to be a remote control to his son.

The stunning car is completely made of wood and carved with each and every detail as a Lamborghini Sian Roaster. The man behind the art also posted a video of the whole making process on his Youtube channel named, ‘ND – Woodworking Art’ showing the time and effort that went into this unique creation.

Watch Video Here:

It took around 65 days for Truong to build this car. He crafted this unique small car with discarded trees and installed a small electric motor inside that can help the vehicle run at a speed of up to 25 km/h.

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