Video of Ostrich running on Lahore street goes viral: Watch

A recent twitter video grabbed attention of the netizens who could not believe to be true. The video showed that an Ostrich is running on the road while other vehicles are smoothly plying on the busy street. Some people have mentioned that the scene is from Lahore in Pakisthan.

The video has been posted by a Twitter user from the handle VeryOrdinaryDoctor. The video has earned huge number of reactions. Interestingly, some of them have compared the bird with officegoers running to catch the bus. And some others enquired about the status of the Ostrich.

“I think the Ostrich is running in Lahore Pakistan because she refuses to wear the hijab,” a user wrote. “Zoo keepers must be held accountable for this incident wrote another user.

“Only a Cowboy can best handle this situation!!” another twitter user wrote. “That so sad No one bother to stop the vehicle” another user showed his concern.

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