Video of monkeys watching photos on mobile phone goes viral: Watch

We come across many people, especially youngsters, who are glued to their mobile phones. They love to spend most of their time with the mobile phone. Of course, there are many luring factors besides call, in a smart phone and thus many of them enjoy themselves for being on the phone. However, it seems unusual when we see that monkeys are anxious to watch photos and videos on mobile phone.

In a recent YouTube video it was seen that a person is exhibiting photos and videos to monkeys and they are taking much interest to watch. Titled ‘Monkey Watch video on YouTube’, the video has so far garnered a huge 5,366,205 views and 119k likes after being posted to YouTube on October 15 by MR FREE FIRE.

As we can see in the video, there are five monkeys  in the video, out of them four monkeys are paying heed to the mobile phone. Initially two monkeys are keenly watching the video in the mobile phone as a person is displaying the gadget to them. Then an elderly monkey is touching the screen to ascertain how monkeys like them are seen inside the small screen. Soon, the first two young monkeys are also seen touching the screen with astonishment to guess what the matter is. In the meanwhile another small monkey is pulling the elderly monkey to get its attention and to divert him from the gadget.

The post has garnered more than 500 comments so far besides the huge number of views. One comment says, “It’s crazy how they all immediately knew how to swipe the screen, after the first one did it Intelligence in all forms.” Another user wrote, “Monkies: “So how do I get to them through this screen? I must know!!!” Yet another user wrote, “I’m so amazed they didn’t try to snatch it away and run. Watched this so many times to see everything. Great video.”

Video Courtesy: YouTube/ @MR FREE FIRE

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