Video of marriage night by couple showing suhagraat bed goes viral, watch

A video of the marriage night shot by a couple in which suhagraat bed is shown, has gone viral on social media. Netizens have slammed the couple for recording and sharing their most personal moment.

As we can see in the video a couple is seen in their bedroom. The bed is decorated with flowers and it is their suhagraat (wedding night). The guy is then narrating looking at the camera that this is their suhagraat. He also introduced his wife. And then they showcase their bed. Later the boy and girl also exchange a kiss.

Shared by X user Sunanda Roy @AaffronSunanda on her X handle (formerly Twitter) on July 5, the post has so far garnered 492.3k views. The text on the screen reads, “Bhai update dete rhna” and “Naughtty trolls”. The caption of the video reads, “Suhagraat Vlog. These vloggers have gone totally mad. Wait for the blurred clip.”

The post has been slammed by many social media users in the comment box. Here are some of them.

“Very clearly visible that they are celebrating 1000th night, surely not first. For the sake of some views & cheap popularity, people go to any extent.”

“For few bucks even people are willing to share there private moments. Respect is bigger than any money.”

“I don’t like blur clips that’s why I hate Japanese videos. Mujhe waise hi drishti dosh hai.”

“aree Sunandha ji, ijjat gaye tel lene, kuch be karo famous ho jao vala chal raha hai aaj kal. At least they are better than Dhruv Rathe”.

“Itna hi dikhaya bas”

“Iske aage ki vdo kaha hai?

“Bc bas famous hona hai zahilo ko chahe mohalle k 4 log izzat na karein…”

“Abhi Hua kahan hai… Hmmm”

“15-20 hazaar logo ko aur Judhne do… Phir karte hain Suhagraat… Ladki ke Papa Bhai ko bhi online aa jaane do… Phir Karte hain Suhagraat”

Watch the ‘Suhagraat’ video here:

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  1. rajasekharan nair says

    Little bit of money saved though they sold their soul and body

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