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Video of man stuck under elephant statue goes viral, Internet shocked


In a shocking incident, a man got stuck under an elephant statue at a temple. A video of the happening has gone viral on social media and people are curious about what led to this.

In the now-viral clip, a devotee can be seen stuck under an elephant statue at a temple. It appears that he was performing a ritual when he got stuck there by accident.

Despite trying hard to squeeze out of the narrow space, the man wasn’t able to budge an inch. This is when other devotees present at the scene rushed to help. The people in the background can be heard instructing him to use certain techniques to get himself out from under the statue.

As the video ends on a cliffhanger, it is quite uncertain if the man managed to rescue himself from the situation.

Shared on Twitter by user Nitin the post has racked up over 183.4k views so far. Meanwhile, the location of the temple is not known. “Any kind of excessive bhakti is injurious to health,” the video caption reads.

Watch Video Here:

The video triggered an array of reactions. While some were confused about how the man landed in this situation, others were concerned if he was able to come out safely.

One person wrote, “Is he out or people are still struggling to help him” and another commented, “How the hell did he get stuck.”

See some more reactions below:

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