Video of man riding bike on steep hill goes viral: watch

A daredevil bike stunt in which a man is seen riding on a steep hill has gone viral on social media. Though such stunt seems impossible, the biker has achieved this incredible feat of riding bike on a very steep hill. The video of the performance was posted to twitter that garnered a large number of reactions in a short time.

“Sometimes the impossible is possible,” wrote the user named Lo+Viral while posting the amazing video to his Twitter handle.

Posted only today, the video has so far earned 333k views, more than 900 retweets, 59 quote tweets and 6666 likes.

And the incredible video also earned a number of comments in which the users highly admired the action. A user wrote, “This is much more impressing, 90degree angle vertical climb,” while another commented, “Impossible itself states “I’m possible”.

Besides, many users filled the comment section with admiring words like ‘Wow’, ‘amazing’ etc. for the extraordinary stunt.

Watch the video here:

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