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Video Of Man Falling Asleep In Bubble Bathtub Goes Viral


A calming bubble bath is one of the most popular forms of relaxation and self-care for everyone. Is it possible to sleep in a bathtub getting so relaxed by the bubbles? A man has made it possible to see in a Tik-Tok viral video entitled “Soooo our dad fell asleep in the tub”.

The video starts by showing a bathtub that is overflowed with bubbles covering the whole bathroom. A woman’s voice was heard from behind the camera saying “Hey.”

After this, the sleeping man suddenly wakes up and starts coughing intensely.

The lady goes up to him to ask whether he is alright under the bubbles. Presumably, the man snorts while trying to exhale the bubbles.

His face is blank and expressionless as if it is a normal thing to sleep in between a bubble bath.
The woman was reminding him of his stupid mistake and claiming that he could have died.

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