Video of birds flying chaotically before the earthquake in Turkey goes viral

Amid various earthquake videos from recent events on Turkey, a clip of birds flying chaotically before the quake has left netizens awestruck.

On February 6, a powerful earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes shook Turkey and northern Syria on Monday, causing buildings to fall and prompting frantic searches for survivors in the demolished cities and towns across the area. A total of 4,300 people were reported dead in the two nations due to the incident, and the numbers are expected to rise. Several heart-breaking videos of the disaster now surface on the Internet. Amid this, a video of birds flying chaotically before earthquake has left netizens awestruck.

It is not the first time that something unusual in the behaviours of birds was spotted right before an earthquake. This proves that birds have the ability to predict quakes. Although it is unsure if the video belongs prior to the particular event mentioned above, various sources claim it to be so.

In the clip, a huge number of birds could be seen centering around a particular place and flying in a circle.

Take a look:

Netizens were quick to comment on the post. “They sense…” said one and another wrote, “All the animals and birds, sea life can sense every natural calamity … humans have lost that sense.” Some also pointed out that there is “no snow in Turkey.”

According to the report from the United States Geological Survey, the oldest account of strange animal behaviour prior to a large earthquake dates back to 373 BC in Greece. Rats, weasels, snakes, and centipedes reportedly fled their homes several days before a devastating earthquake.

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