Shocking! Video of alligator slamming Kayak goes viral: Watch

In a shocking video that has surfaced lately on the online platform a tourist was seen barely escaping from the jaws of death. As we can see in the hair raising video, a tourist, while trying an adventure ride was fell into the grip of an alligator. Thankfully, he managed to save himself. Later he posted the event on his YouTube account.

As seen in the video, Peter Joyce was paddling his boat along a swampy river in a serene atmosphere surrounded by trees. When he was busy enjoying the serene surrounding an alligator came out from nowhere and slammed into the side of his boat. Resultantly, he fell in the water.

He was wearing a camera on his chest which recorded the whole incident.

After getting tossed into the water body Joyce struggled to his best to save his life from falling prey into the jaws of the alligator and thankfully he managed to do so.

Though he could save himself he was of course frightened which could be felt from his heavy breathing. He then tapped the water cautiously to check if the alligator was still there and after not finding it anywhere near, he paddled as fast as he could away from that spot.

An alligator is a large semi aquatic reptile similar to a crocodile but with a broader and shorter head often found in the US and China.

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