Vets pull a beach towel out of Python with bare hands, Viral video shocks internet

Snakes often engulf different things including animals. Sometimes some giant reptiles also eat a whole human or a big animal like goat or cows or etc. These often eat different thinks like bottles, towels and other things which can be termed life threatening for them. Recently, a video of some vets pulling a beach towel out of a python with bare hands is going viral over the internet.

The video has been shared on micro-blogging platform X (formerly Twitter) by @AMAZINGNATURE. In the video, a team of vets, are seen pulling a beach towel out of a python with bare hands. The video has been shared with a caption that read, “Team of vets pull AN ENTIRE BEACH TOWEL out of a python in Australia – with their bare hands.”

After being shared, the video has garnered over 26 million views, while over 64 thousand X users have liked the video.

Reacting to the post, one user commented, “Good thing, cuz that would have been quite a towel movement.” Another person wrote, “I can’t imagine how they managed to do that. Props to the vets for handling it like pros.”

Meanwhile, a third person said, “That must have been excruciating for the python.” Another person commented, “I’ve never seen anyone so happy to collect a bath towel.” A fifth person wrote, “The beach goer is probably digested.”

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