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US TikToker receives backlash for dyeing her dog red, it’s animal abuse, says Internet

A TikToker has been receiving a lot of backlash for dyeing her pet dog red. She shared a series of viral videos of her featuring her dog Dandelion on on the  video-focused social networking platform, after which she was chided by other TikTok users for painting the poor animal red.

Dandelion, is a Great Pyrenees pup.

Following the judgements, the owner, Chloe Larosh, was quick to cite reasons in her video for choosing to colour her dog red. However, her reasons weren’t good enough for netizens and Instagram users accused her of animal abuse.

In a video shared by Chloe on TikTok as well as on Instagram, she explained that dyeing her pet dog red has been useful. In her list of reasons she mentioned that now he is less likely to not be stolen, and can be identified easily. She added that because of his bright colour, Dandelion will not be hit by a car and it is also good for his fur.

Despite her explanations, netizens were not ready to take it for an answer. That is why they took to the comments section to accuse her of animal abuse. One user wrote, “Ooh look at me I’m so quirky and unique. It’s not about arguing about abuse it’s about just wtf goes through ur head. It’s a dog” and another comment read, “Just be honest that colouring your dog red has nothing to do with the care you have for your dog. It is for your own self interest-to gain attention by using your dog. To be TikTok and Instagram famous. We all know that there are many dogs abused out there but this is some kind of abuse definitely…”

Luckily there were also a few people in her support, as they said it only matters that he is happy and healthy. They were rest assured with the fact that he looked adorable in red.

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  1. Candykat says

    I think it’s ridiculous that people are calling it abuse but yet it’s cut to have pink and yellow and orange chick’s and ducks for Easter. It sucks how nowadays everyone has a say in what people do. I guess their lives aren’t that amusing that they have to belittle and bullie others who are having a better experience in life than they are. Oh well I guess it is what it is SMH.

    1. Brian says

      Well said!

  2. Lisi Brown says

    The dog cleans itself and is ingesting dye!

  3. Vani says

    you don’t want if it gets stolen…. why don’t you get a Chip..put it in dogs collar and so you can find Him… but you make him red…I don’t understand…..

  4. Dani says

    Everything with these ppl is animal abuse. Can’t have a dog kennel. No nothing

    It gets even better because they get mad when you chain your dog up outside for a few hours but get mad when your dog isn’t chained up outside

    This lady is not the only person to have dyed their animal. Please hush

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