US Man’s Impressive LinkedIn Profile Grabs Eyeballs, Netizens Claim He “Wins At LinkedIn”

A US man’s LinkedIn profile has caught the attention of people online. At first glance, it seems like a very impressive resume. After all, the man claims to have worked at corporations like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, and Apple. However, upon closer inspection, there is a very evident catch. Nevertheless, netizens are still very impressed with his wit.

It is common knowledge that LinkedIn is an important platform to meet and connect with employers and job seekers. People tend to put their best foot forward and always keep their CVs updated on the platform. However, this US man’s LinkedIn profile is a bit different than you would expect.

The man in question, Len Markidan has an eye-catching resume where he has mentioned having worked at places like Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google, and Amazon. It is impressive enough working at one of these places, let alone five.

However, the twist is revealed upon closer inspection of his profile.

He has mentioned that he is an ‘Advertising Target’ on Facebook, and is consistently targeted by F500 brands such as Samsung, Proctor and Gamble, and Verizon.

When it comes to Amazon, he has mentioned that he is a ‘Prime Member’. He has researched diverse product catalogs “spanning departments from Simplehuman bag liners to cat food”. He also mentions that he has regularly reported on product quality using the review portal.

He wrote that he is an ‘Uncertified Genius’ at Apple and has provided remote tech support for older family members throughout the country.

He has similarly put down ‘Account Manager’ for Netflix who is a multi-year recipient of suggestions for movies he has already watched as well as managing and paying for the account used by five family members distributed globally.

He has finally mentioned being a ‘Data Source’ at Google who has received number one ranking in search for his own name.

Twitter user Chris Bakke shared a picture of his resume with the caption “This guy wins at Linkedin.”

Markidan however is facing issues with his internet fame.

After the tweet went viral, he tweeted expressing concern about the cease and desist notice that the companies might send him.

In an update to that tweet, he mentioned that it had already started and he was temporarily banned from LinkedIn

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