US man describes his ‘near-death experience’ when Humpback Whale swallowed him

A giant humpback whale swallowed a man in the United States last year, the survivor has now come forward to share the story of his near-death experience.

Michael Packard from Massachusetts was trapped inside a humpback whale’s mouth for approximately 40 seconds in June 2021. In an interview with Cape Cod Times, the diver noted that during his dive he went about 10 feet from the bottom where the mammal swallowed his whole body.

Now, a year later, the veteran lobster diver has once again discussed the incident, acknowledging how it occurred on “just a normal day”.

Speaking to the outlet, he stated that he got into the water and did two dives. However, during his third dive, he dove down and was descending to the bottom. Within a short span of time there, he got slammed ‘and then all of a sudden it went black.’

He recalled that the water was just rushing around him, as he was moving through it “wicked fast.” He could “feel pressure on (his) whole body,” said the diver. He then revealed that while he was still in the giant whale’s mouth, his breathing device fell out. He tried to grab it and trying not to consider this his last memory on the earth.

“I was like, ‘I better grab that f***ing thing,” Michael said about the device. “And I put it back in my mouth. And I’m in there, and I’m trying to get out, and [the whale is] f***ing freaking out,” he added.\

Micheal continued, “I’m thinking to myself, ‘This is it, Michael. This is it. This is how you die,’ And I was 100 percent sure that I wouldn’t get out of this situation. It was a done deal, and I thought about my kids and my wife.”

However, fortunately, the diver got out of the whale’s mouth, ultimately, as the mammal went up to the surface and started “shaking his head”. As a result, Michael flew out of the mammal’s mouth.

Michael further stated that once he was floating on the surface and thought about how grateful he was that his “lungs didn’t explode” back then.

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