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US Man climbs boom lift and Strips Naked at Washington Square Park


In a bizarre incident, a man climbed on a boom lift near Washington Square Park in the US Capital city and stripped naked.

The unidentified exhibitor was already without a shirt when he climbed a condor crane next to the arch and stood on top of its platform. He then removed his trunks, all the while screaming and threatening to jump.

According to a report in the New York Post, the unidentified man shouted at the netizens present below, “Are you not entertained?” He yelled the Russell Crowe’s iconic line from the 2000 film “Gladiator,” with his arms outstretched.

The naked man was eventually rescued from the scene, but not before hundreds of people gathered to watch the fiasco unfold.

During his soaring strip-tease, he repeatedly inched closer to the edge of the platform and threatened to jump several times.

At first, the responders inflated a giant airbag on the land beneath the crane. This was to make sure that if the man jumps or falls, he will be rescued unharmed. However, after some time, the crane operators were able to lower the condor until they could safely catch and restrain him.

This isn’t the first time such a scenario has taken place at Washington Square Park. In the summer of 2020, a naked homeless man who proclaimed to be “Jesus” took up residence in the park’s dry fountain.

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