UP man treats injured bird, befriends it for ever, Watch

Friendship is a unique experience. Not only humans but birds and animals also want to become friends. We have come across stories of friends, yet the friendship between a bird and man in Amethi of Uttar Pradesh has making the rounds in social media these days.

In the video you can see a bird is flying right above the head of a motorcyclist. Sometimes it happens birds fly with us for a short distance. In some other cases, birds fly in their normal routes but we think they are flying with us.

Yet, in the video the bird that is flying above the head of the motorcyclist is not a random scene. Rather, the bird is knowingly flying along with the man.

As per reports, the man in the motorcycle found an injured crane in a field a year ago. He brought it to his home and provided it medical treatment. After a few days, the bird recovered. Now, as he released the bird so that it can now fly to the sky, he saw that the bird is not going anywhere and it started to live with the man.

Now, whenever the man travels somewhere the bird also flies with him upto about 30 to 40 kms.

This story of friendship has become a topic of discussion in the local area these days.

The video was posted to Twitter by Gyanendra Shukla and within no time it earned a huge number of likes and comments.

Watch the video here;

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