UP Man Bitten By Snake While Shooting Video

In a bizarre incident, a man from UttarPradesh died on Saturday after being bitten by a snake. He was trying to shoot a video with the reptile.

Identified as Devendra Mishra, the victim is a farmer residing in Jaitipur area of Shahjahanpur district. He was also a former village head of Maruajhala village.

Reportedly, the 55-year-old was popular in the area for rescuing snakes and had caught more than 200 snakes in the village by far. However, the snake with which he was shooting a video, was caught at his neighbour Ravindra Kumar’s house on Friday.

As per eyewitnesses, the snake is believed to be a highly venomous Common krait. They further stated that after catching the snake Mishra started showing off and went around the village with the snake wrapped around his neck.

In fact, in an alleged video, Mishra was also seen putting the snake around the neck of a five-year-old girl.

The snake bit the victim exactly an hour after he caught it. Following the incident, Mishra started treating himself with herbs but subsequently succumbed to the poison

Meanwhile, the snake, which was kept under a utensil by Mishra, was also found dead a few hours later.

According to a local doctor, Dr. Saubhagya Katiyar, “One should immediately stop the supply of blood to the part where the snake has bitten and rush to the hospital for getting a snake antivenom on time. In this case, the man’s life could have been saved if he had taken proper medical help.”

Mishra has left behind his wife and five sons.

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