UP Labourer Becomes Billionarie, goes to withdraw Rs 100, finds Rs 2,700 crore in bank account

In a bizzare incident, a daily wage labourer becomes a billionarie, he was shocked to witness when he went to withdraw Rs 100 from his Jan Dhan account in the Bank of India in Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj district and found Rs 2,700 crore in his account.

Bihari Lal, 45, from Kamalpur village in Chhibramauu Kowali police area of Kannauj, works at a brick kiln in Rajasthan and earns Rs 600 to 800 per day. He had returned to his hometown as the brick kiln unit was shut due to the monsoon.

After he saw such a huge amount, he asked a bank official to check the account thrice. The official also said the money showed against his name in official bank records.

“I then asked him to check my account again, after which he checked it thrice. Even when I could not believe it, he took out the bank statement and gave it to me,” he said.

His happiness was short lived, as he reached home, he then checked his account at a nearby branch of the Jan Seva Kendra, and found out that the balance was only Rs 126.

Lead district manager Abhishek Sinha said that the account was investigated and it had only Rs 126. “It could apparently be a banking error, the account of Bihar Lal has been seized for a while and the matter has been brought to the knowledge of senior bank officials,” he said.

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