Unbelievable! Man narrowly escapes death as ground under his feet caves in: Watch viral video

Human life is extremely precarious, nobody can predict when, where, or how he would stumble upon a catastrophe. We all understand, however, that there is no way we can stop what the universe has in store for us. It’s as though the moment we leave the house, every negative thing that might possibly happen to us follows. Nobody can predict when doom will strike.

Yet, there have been incidents where people’s luck has truly been on their side. They end up being so fortunate that they are able to avoid serious peril.

People are shaken after witnessing a viral video of a similar story that has gone viral on social media.
As we can see in the viral video, a man is seen crossing the street, when the shocking event takes place. The ground on which he was standing less than a second ago, collapsed, creating a space for a sizable pit.
The man only managed to survive because it happened in a matter of seconds, if it had taken a bit longer, he would have fallen into the pit. An extremely sad occurrence would have happened in that scenario.

It seems as though God personally intervened to remove the man from his terrible peril.
You can observe in the video how peacefully the man is strolling down the street. The road behind him collapsed just as he took the step.

After looking into the pit, he was petrified.

The video went viral online after being shared on social media. More than 10 lakh people have watched the video on social media since it was posted. “When Yamraj is on lunch break”, a Twitter user by the handle @Sagarcasm tweeted the video with that caption.

People are enjoying and laughing a lot while watching this video.

Watch the video here:

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