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Truck driver’s driving skills amazes netizens, watch viral video

In a video that has surfaced online, a truck driver can be seen making the impossible turn with his skills, amazes Internet.

It takes years of experience to perfect one’s driving skills. However, driving a two-wheeler for years doesn’t make one a class-A truck driver. One needs to learn how to control the vehicle and maneuver through the traffic. As well as navigating turns on different kinds of roads. The job becomes even more demanding when it is a heavy vehicle like a truck or a trailer truck. In light of it, a video of a talented driver making sure that the vehicle enters the right tunnel through a narrow path is going viral on social media.

The clip begins with a trailer truck driving on the wrong lane of a narrow two-way road, almost swiping against the wall. Although at first look it seems like the truck might have lost control, what happens next is surprising enough. Further in the clip, it can be seen that the truck makes way for the driver’s cabin to slide into the correct lane ahead. He uses his common sense in such a way that the long trailer attached to the driver’s cabin passes with ease without any swipe or touch.

Shared on Twitter by @NextSkillslevel, the caption in the post read, “Someone has done this before..”

Watch Video Here:

So far, the video has garnered more than 59.1k views and tons of comments. Netizens were impressed by the driver’s skills. Many were quick to point out how simple laws of physics and common sense can save a lot of labour and hassle.

One person wrote, “ohhh the master” and another commented, “Yeah. He’s a 99 created player.” A third user wrote, “the road designer has more skill level to accomodate the big truck manuver…” and a comment read, “Nothing like zero room for error. I hate those situations.”

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