Traffic Police asks barefoot kid to stand on his feet to get rid of scorching heat

“When they stepped on my feet I felt like God put His feet on my feet,” wrote Traffic constable Ranjeet Singh in a Twitter post that he shared on his Twitter handle.

Recently, the traffic police Ranjeet Singh was doing his official duty on the road when two boys were crossing the road. The traffic was closed at that time to the side of the road the two kids wanted to move. And thus, the two children had to stop and stand on the road for a while.

Meanwhile one of the kids requested him to make them cross the road as his feet was burning due to the scorching heat due to which the road was as if burning. The cop was not in a position to help the kids cross the road because the vehicles were in motion. Though he wanted to help out he was helpless and thus asked the kids to stand on his feet till that side traffic of the road gets cleared.

As per the traffic personnel’s saying the two kids stood on his feet. Now, they got something to stand on and thus there was no need of stepping on the burning road at least for some time.

The traffic police then took to Facebook to share his feeling of this incident. He described in the Facebook in Hindi, “Maine Kaha Jab Tak Traffic Ruktaa Nehin Mere Paer par paer rakh lo aur jaise hi usne aisa kiya mujhe aisa lagaa jaise Bhagwan ne mere upar paw rakhe hain.” (I asked (him) till the traffic not gets cleared you place your feet on my feet and as he put his feet on mine I felt like God stepped on my feet).

It was an emotional feeling that the Traffic cop experienced during the incident.

It is worthy here to mention that walking barefoot on  the road under the scorching sunlight is very much painful even for adults. And for a kid the task becomes tougher. And perhaps that was the reason the traffic police felt like God stepped on his feet as the kid put his feet on his shoes.

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