Tiger chasing peacock video goes viral: Watch

Tiger chasing peacock video has gone viral on internet while netizens are pouring comments in the comment section of a video on social media. Posted to Instagram the short video clip showcases hunting of a peacock by the dreadful tiger.

Shared by Instagram user Bilal Ahmad in August 2022 the clip has got so far 259957 likes.

We can see in the video that a tiger is first lurking from the bushes, and then taking graceful and swift strides and darts on its prey. As the tiger attacked the peacock and the other birds, the peacock flapped its wings quickly and escaped form the scene in the blink of an eye.

The video was not only earned a large number of views but people also filled the comment section with their remarks.

A user wrote, “Just amazing to see how a bird with such huge plumage can quickly get off the ground and into flight in an instant.”

Another user commented, “Tiger lost the tag game.”

“Just a second too late,” commented another user.

Yet another Instagram user wrote, “that was close” while another user also commented, “He almost had him”

And another user asked, “Why the video so short.”

Watch the video here:


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