This Viral Video Will Melt Your Heart! I May Die, But Will Not Allow My Dog To Die, Says Man; Watch

Most people like to take dogs with them because of their loyalty and innocence. A video is becoming viral on social media as people are sharing it.

Due to the increasing infection of Coronavirus, people are preferring to protect not only themselves but also their loved ones. Not only this, some people are willing to do anything to save their animals from this pandemic. In the video a poor man is seen carrying a dog on his shoulder. He is not wearing a mask but has covered the dog’s face with a mask.

When a man asks this person’s name in front of the camera and also asks the reason for walking the dog on the shoulder. The person’s reply made him emotional.

The man walking with the dog on his shoulder was asked, ‘What is your name?’ So he told that Mohan Lal Dewangan, then when the dog’s name was asked, he said that its name is Puru. Not only that, when he was asked why he did not wear the mask himself and put on the dog? He said in his reply, ‘I will die but will not let him die. It is my child… raised him from childhood.

Watch Viral Video:

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