This Viral Video Shows What A Mother Can Do For Her Children; Watch

The most loving and sensitive word in the world is ‘mother.’ A mother spends her life caring for children after giving them birth. Besides, mother is the child’s first guru and his well-wisher till his last time. But the mother is not so sensitive only in the human world. In the animal world also, the mother enjoys the same status as in the human world. One such mother’s video is going viral, which you may also remember your mother’s love.

This video has been shared by Indian Forest Service officer Sudha Ramen on his Twitter account. Sudha has given the video an emotional and cute caption – because she is a mother. Though it is an old video, it has gone viral once again after the IFS officer shared it on his Twitter page.

In the video, a hen is seen spreading her wings to protect her children from rain and all the chicks are standing between her wings to protect themselves from the rain. You can see that the chicks are not worried about getting wet.

She herself is getting wet but to save her children, a roof has been made under which her children can take shelter.

This video has become so viral that it has been viewed for over 280.7 k times within two days. Besides, more than 4.5 k people have retweeted while over 32.1 k people have liked it.

Watch the video here:

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