This Special Bond Between A Dog And A Mail Woman Will Bring Tears Of Joy In Your Eyes

Nothing can stop this 82-kg English Mastiff (dog), from waiting every morning to greet its favourite mailwoman Shaun. The best part of every day is when the mail-truck idles outside the dog’s house. Be it rain or snow, the dog sits by the mailbox, wagging its tail.

As soon as the mailwoman gets out of the truck, the dog gets very excited and runs to the truck to hug her. Moreover, the mailwoman is also always happy to stop for the dog, whether she has a package or not.

The two have become inseparable friends with time. They give affectionate greetings in the form of a hug every day. This has been going on since the dog was just seven weeks old.

The mailwoman also doesn’t disappoint the dog. She makes sure to stop by to make a visit even on her off days. This special bond between the woman and English Mastiff has been winning hearts on social media after a video was shared on Instagram.



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