This girl can write with both her hands simultaneously: Watch viral video

A girl can write with both her hands simultaneous. She is from Mangalore. In an amazing incident the said girl has grabbed attention of netizens for her super skills. She can write different things with both her hands simultaneously. The video was posted to twitter by Ravi Karkara on Feb 5, 2023 and within no time it has gone viral to garner a huge 1.7 million views, more than 7000 re-tweets as well as 36.8k likes.

He captioned the video as, “She is ‘Aadi Swaroopa’ from Mangalore. She can WRITE in 11 different style. Both Parts of her BRAIN functions at the Same Time, one in a million. Amazing! This Skill is Known as Ambidexterity.”

We can see in the video that Aadi Swaroopa can write different things in both her left and right hands on the blackboard. It seems she can also think different things simultaneously by which she can also write the said two things on the board using both her hands. Undoubtedly this is a rare talent.

The post has earned many wows from netizens who have highly admired the post with “Amazing”, “Superb” and such other encouraging comments.

The girl is ambidextrous. That means she can write with ease using both her hands. Yet, a twitter has explained in his comment that becoming ambidextrous means just the talent of writing with any of the hands. Yet, the girl is more than that. He commented, “Ambidextrous to the best of my knowledge is just the capacity to use both hands for activities like writing. For eg I can write with both hands. But what she is doing is far beyond that. Her brain is processing two sets of instructions inpdependently..”

Another user asked in the comment box whether the girl is given any privilege for her skill during the exam in the school. He asked, “Does she get the same time as other students when doing exams?”

Watch the video here:

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