This Farmer’s Desi Jugaad To Cut Crops Has The Internet In Splits; Watch Viral Video

The Internet never fails to bring us amusing videos every other day and the most amusing were the jugaad clips of some of our Indians.

Indians are the experts in finding jugaad for everything and this new viral video proves it.

In the video of a farmer was seen cutting wheat in a field with a super-fast speed. But the real catch is two other farmers were carrying him by his shoulders and legs while he is cutting the crops.

The funny video has gone viral on social media and people can’t stop laughing seeing the unique jugaad of the farmers.

The video has shown another example of people’s minds to find jugaad in an unconventional way.

Do you know that the word jugaad is so widely used that the Oxford dictionary has now added it to its word list.

The oxford has listed the meaning of the Hindi word ‘Jugaad’ as “the use of skill and imagination to find an easy solution to a problem or to fix or make something using cheap, basic items.”

Watch the video here: (Video Courtesy: YP Dose Of Internet)

In another jugaad video, that went viral recently, an elderly man was seen using a desi DIY trimmer, made using basic household items, to shave his beard in the absence of a trimmer or razor.

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