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This bizarre recipe of salad including Coca-Cola, cream cheese and orange jello leaves Internet horrified


Maintaining a healthy diet is a tough task, particularly when the options for unhealthy snacks are easily available and highly appetizing. Specialists often recommend a healthy diet plan equipped with varieties of salads containing contemporary fruit and veggies.

The Internet is filled with a range of salads and healthy diet foods. However, it is also a hotspot for some absolutely weird food combinations.
Recently, a strange salad recipe was shared on social media. The dish was made with unhealthy ingredients and it has surprised the Internet. Named the ‘Coca-Cola salad,’ this silly dish includes cola, cream cheese, orange jello, and nuts.

The unusual recipe was shared by Lizzie O’Leary on Twitter and it has left customers fully horrified.

Take a look:

Image credit- Indiatoday

Several Twitter users took to the comments section to share their reactions to this bizarre recipe.

Where one user expressed that the name of the salad itself spread terror in his heart, another person commented that the meaning of salad seems stretched in this recipe.

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