This 10-Second Video Clip Sold For Rs 48 Crore! You Must Watch It

You never know when your luck will change in this era of technology and digital revolution. At a time your luck may completely change when you do a little hard work and put some money into it which happened in the life of US-based art collector named Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile.

A report of Reuters revealed that Pablo, who lives in Miami, produced a 10-second video in October last year. He had spent $ 67,00 (49.23 lakh) for the video. However, the same video clip was bought for $ 6.6 million (about Rs 48.47 crore).

“Notably, this video, a new type of digital asset also known as a non-fungible token (NFT), by digital artist Beeple was authenticated by blockchain. Blockchain technology allows items to be publicly authenticated as one-of-a-kind, unlike traditional online objects which can be endlessly reproduced,” reported the

“The particular video shows former US President Donald Trump lying on the ground and his body covered in slogans, while people walk past it,” it added.

Watch the video here:

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