Teen From Mumbai Mesmerises Sachin Tendulkar By Solving Rubik’s Cube Blindfolded, Watch Video Here

New Delhi: Solving a Rubik’s cube is not a child’s play for most of us. However, according to a video shared by Former Indian Batsman Sachin Tendulkar a teenager from Mumbai has solved the Rubik’s cube while being blindfolded. Besides, the teen solved the cube is just seconds.

This amazing video was shared by Sachin on Instagram and it instantly became viral. The video has garnered 25,33,388 views and 5,508 comments.

In the video clip which runs for 1:12 minutes Sachin is seen holding a Rubik’s cube which he later hands over to a teenage boy. Sachin Introduces the boy as Mohammed Aiman Koli. The boy initially memorises the pattern of the cube and then he solves it in 17 seconds while being blindfolded.

“Met this young man a while back & I’m still amazed by what he can do without looking – what most of us can’t do even while looking. Now, his next challenge is to teach me how to do it,” says the master blaster in the video.

Mohammed Aiman Koli has a Guinness record in his name for solving a puzzle cube using his feet in 15.56 seconds.


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