Teacher asks class 1 students to draw her picture, results are funny

Children have a more active imagination than adults. They are quite creative and are capable enough to come up with things that is not imaginable to us. A teacher from Pakistan’s capital Islamabad had decided to test the talent of her students. She carried out a unique activity with her class 1 students. The results that she shared were amazing. Meanwhile, it has gone viral on social media.

Art is the best way to express unsaid feelings and makes us feel alive. Nishat, the school teacher, recently asked her students to draw a picture of her. The way her class 1 students drew her picture will definitely surprise people. She uploaded her masked selfie for reference on Twitter. She wrote, “Asked first graders to draw a picture of me. The results were hilarious. Here’s a reference picture of how I looked.”

Later in the twitter thread, she posted the drawings that have been made by her students. The post grabbed netizens’ attention, who found them to be the cutest thing on the internet. The post has gone viral in  Nishat also graded her student’s sketches as per their creativity. In the first sketch, she captioned, “Off to a flimsy start, but love the hair. The body is giving me vodka bottle. But overall, 5/10.”

“I have been meaning to shave my head for a while and I see a reflection of that dream in this. The hands look like clouds though, so 4.5/10”, she wrote in the second picture. In the third picture, she penned, “Patriotic vibes super opposite to the real Nishat. The eye lashes are super on fleek. Don’t know what’s going on with the dress but will give it a 6.5/10.”

The post by far has gathered more than four thousand likes and 239 retweets. The users are quite impressed with children’s creativity. The little kids have put all of their efforts. One user wrote, “you look amazing, dont have time to drew a sketch of you… stay blessed“. Another user wrote, ” i love this thread.” A boy replied,” They are are so realistic.”

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