Surat Diamond Merchant Presents 600 Cars As Diwali Gifts To Employees

New Delhi: A Surat-based diamond merchant named Savji Dholakia, who owns the Hare Krishna Exports, has presented lavish cars to his employees on the eve of Diwali. This is the fourth time Mr. Dholakia made such a gesture. At a spectacular event in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi handed over the keys of the brand new cars to some of the employees.

The billionaire diamantaire posted a picture with Mr. Modi on his Facebook page and quoted that around 1700 diamond artists and engineers have been given the cars “as part of our loyalty bonus programme for our employees.”[0]=68.ARDsvKniSDwToeD-nLKZQ80RJ7aWfiaGsDx70bjektXd9hDVbaZ3uEG5l7I-9Er0w9hLSBnIv0wt2LGn1wNneX2Qp3oxU77G5gn-oxbW6wgnIQlT1D1rV2kX6-40gg9fjhtcgofwtPueHrwEMLK-olFN34MIQf6rulud0I_HBwHFA_aC2vjktD7cv528dTPUT6fAtztGtkb2iJVQKbohquM3h2A&__tn__=-R

Mr. Dholakia organized an event called the ‘Skill India Incentive Ceremony’, to distribute the cars.

The cars include Renault KWID and Maruti Suzuki Celerio whose on-road price is up to Rs. 4.4 lakh and Rs. 5.38 lakh, respectively. There are around 5,500 employees at Hari Krishna Group and among them, 4,000 have already received their gifts.

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