Bizarre And Mysterious 15-Foot Creature Washed Ashore

In a bizarre incident, the locals of Ainsdale Beach in England found a mysterious 15-foot long creature . The creature was supposedly washed to the shore by the huge tidal waves.

According to the local media reports, a man spotted the carcass lying on the the Ainsdale beach on July 29. The person who maintained his anonymity told that the dead carcass was furry, had four flippers and was smelly.

The bones of the carcass emerged out everywhere on the body and extended till four feet long, the man added.

As soon as the news spread the area, the locals reached the spot, clicked pictures of the carcass and posted it on  the Ainsdale Community Group on Facebook.

The pictures have gone viral and are garnering hundreds of views with many trying to guess what the creature could be.

A woolly mammoth?” asked one person, adding: “Yes I’m aware they’re extinct but honestly what it looks like to me!”

“Maybe a whale that’s ate a cow,” another joked.

“It’s a walrus,” one Facebook user declared, while another said: “Horse, bull or cow?

The local authorities observed the carcass but could not identify it. However they assumed that the carcass might have been a species of whale.

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