Spooky! Little boy just disappears mid-ride at fair, viral video leaves Internet baffled

A video of a boy disappearing mid-ride at a fair has gone viral online and left the netizens with a lot of questions.

A video of a boy disappearing mid-ride at a fair was recently shared on Twitter by ‘The Sun’ and it has gone viral on the Internet, leaving netizens baffled.

The incident took place in Malaysia at an amusement park in Johor. Nur Afrina Rosni, a 30-year-old woman, witnessed the entire incident as she was making a video of her five-year-old son named Muiz Afrina, who was sitting next to the boy who appeared to have vanished in the spooky footage.

In the viral video, the five-year-old Muiz can be seen riding on the fairground sitting beside another boy. However, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she realized that the boy sitting near her son was simply gone by the time the ride turned around for a second loop.

The lady claimed that Muiz is an only child and that she could not accompany him on the ride because she and her husband were too big for the seats.

Speaking to ‘The Sun’ Nur said, “I am not mistaken. They were sitting together. I didn’t know the boy next to him. I think the workers seated them together.”

“While I was filming a short video, the car came around a second time and my son was suddenly alone. I’m still left wondering, what happened to that boy?” she added to her statement.

Watch Video Here:

So far, the video has garnered more than 60.2k views and tons of comments. While some were awestruck by what happened, others pointed out that the boy did not vanish but instead was lying down.

Take a look at some reactions:

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