Spine chilling! Tourists stop to get close look at tiger, watch what happens next

Wildlife enthusiasts know how hard it is to get a sight of wild animals during a jungle safari. Especially, Tigers, who are even rarer are the most difficult to spot, and tourists often ret,urn disappointed after a long day of quest. However, recently a group of safari tourists were lucky enough to spot one but what happened next was dangerous enough.

In a video tweeted by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Surender Mehra, a group of people aboard an open safari got to see a tiger during their journey. They stopped the vehicle to get a closer look at the big cat. However, it seems that the animal was offended by the intrusion by the humans i n its natural habitat. Hence, it came charging at them while growling in order to mark its presence.

The spine-chilling clip was posted with the caption, “Sometimes, our ‘too much’ eagerness for ‘Tiger sighting’ is nothing but intrusion in their Life.”

Watch Video Here:

After the wild angry cat charged at them with loud roars, the safari riders panicked and started shouting to keep the animal away. The tiger then stepped back as the jeep driver hurriedly moved back forward.

So far, the clip has garnered more than 21.3k views and tons of comments. Netizens found the clip terrifying and some even pointed out that it is disrespectful to wild animals to intrude their space.

One person wrote, “Be Careful in Safari. Your Loud Voice Sounds made Tiger to Run back. Any you all are safe. Thank God first. God bless you all. Congratulations.” Another comment read, “Said rightly.Tourism should be regulated andthe visitors should be told strictly to “be respectful towards animals/Tigers.””

Meanwhile some even questioned the visitors for their choice of vehicle for a jungle visit. “But why the visitors have to risk their life in an open jeep? One leap by the tiger can cause heat attacks to some of them sitting in the jeep. The thrill will vanish in a second” wrote one.

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