Soccer player challenges physics teacher mom, video goes viral: Watch

In a recent viral video it was seen that a young man, who happens to be an experienced soccer player throws a challenge to his mom in which she needs to put the ball in the glass without touching it. Like many others, the young man perhaps put the challenge thinking she would not be able to put the ball in the glass without touching the ball, but he should have remembered that the lady is a distinguished physics teacher.

We can see in the video that the young man is explaining the conditions of the challenge to his mom. Then the mom successfully puts the ball on a glass. Then the son gives her the difficult option and asks to put the ball. To everybody’s astonishment, the lady uses her physics knowledge and puts the ball in the glass and then leaves the place after taking away the challenge money, that had been put on the table.

The video was posted by Ananth Rupanagudi @Ananth_IRAS to Twitter on February 18 and merely in two days it has garnered a huge 321.2k views, 710 retweets along with 86 quote tweets. He captioned the video, “The son is an experienced soccer player while the mother is a distinguished physics teacher. The son challenged the mother thinking she would not be able to put the ball in the other glass without touching the ball.. But physics wins… look what she did!.” Not only that, the video has earned a number of interesting comments.

A user wrote, “bop bop (or mom mom) hota hai beta beta hota hai,” while another commented, “Moral of the story, never challenge a Physics Teacher!!! They are the best.”

Yet another user commented, “This is how MLAs are moved from one party to another.”

And praising the power of moms a user commented “Can’t beat moms.” Another user wrote, “Don’t mess with Mom’s who are brilliant.”

And another user explained the law that the woman applied to put the ball to the glass without touching it. He wrote, “Physics wali aunty ji applied Centrifugal force law.”

“That’s why education is so important,” commented another user.

Watch the video here:

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