Shocking! snake starts eating itself, man uses unique trick to stop it; watch viral video

A shocking video of a snake eating itself has surfaced online, but netizens are more amazed by the trick the owner of the reptile pulled to make it stop. The video was uploaded on YouTube by Rob Clark Venitox on his official channel on 12 June 2019, but it has garnered attention very recently.

In the video, the snake can be seen eating itself from its tail. However, the length of its body that it swallowed was only revealed after its owner used a really odd trick to make the snake stop.

The snake’s owner tries putting some hand sanitizer on its head saying that snakes do not like the taste of hand sanitizer. As soon as Rob applied the sanitizer to the snake, it suddenly spits out its whole body that it had swallowed.

In the description box, Rob mentioned that he accidentally put the sanitizer on the snake’s eyes instead of its head which is why it could be seen flinching. He then clarified that though snakes have clear scales that protect their eyes, the kingsnake’s eyes were not affected by the hand sanitizer at all.

“This snake recovered quickly from this incident and is currently doing very well. I washed him and he ate a meal soon afterward,” he further wrote.

Meanwhile, Rob also explained why snakes eat themselves and wrote, “This kind of thing happens occasionally to kingsnakes due to the fact that kingsnakes eat other snakes. Some people assume that this happened due to stress, starvation, or temperatures being too warm. It’s doubtful that any of these reasons are the case in this situation. This snake is kept with perfect temperatures, a properly sized enclosure, places to hide, and clean water. This particular snake is fed properly and is not starving.”

Rob further stated that this is an unusual behavior he has seen in snakes and this was the only time he has seen this and any snake eating itself.

Watch Video Here:

Video credit- YouTube/Rob Clark Venitox

So far, the video has garnered more than 13 million and hundreds of comments, basically people expressing their amazement over nature’s unique turns of events.

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