Shocking! Mother hangs son from 10th floor balcony by bedsheet to fetch saree

Mother’s love has no boundaries and when it comes to their child, they become fearless and can do anything to save their child from any harm.

But here is one shocking incident where you can see a mother hanging his son from the balcony of a highrise building in Faridabad.

The video of the incident has now gone viral. In this video, a mother tied her son with a bedsheet and hung him from the 10th floor to the 9th to fetch a saree from the balcony below since the house on the 9th floor was locked.

The boy in the video can be seen tied with a yellow bed sheet, carrying a green garment. Thankfully, the child was pulled up safely.

The video was shot by a resident of the opposite building. The incident took place in Faridabad’s Florida society in Sector 82 last week.

Here is the video:

Faridabad highrise, mother hangs son from balcony

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