Shocking! 81-year-old arrested for ‘digital rape’ of minor

‘Digital rape’ is a term that defines rape that is accomplished by penetrating one’s sexual organs with fingers or any object without their consent. The crime is as crucial as any other physical molestation. In a shocking turn of event, Noida police has arrested an elderly man for alleged ‘digital rape’ with a minor for over seven years.

Reportedly, the Gautam Budh Nagar Police arrested an 81-year-old man for the criminal activity forced by him on a 17-year-old. The suspect was living with the teenager as her guardian, said the officials.

The elderly is an artist by profession and owns an office in Himachal Pradesh. One of his workers from the hill station work place, sent his daughter to live with him in hopes of getting better education. However, ever since the girl started living with him, the accused had been sexually exploiting her.

As per the statement by deputy commissioner of police Ranvijay Singh, initially the girl was really scared. However, for the past one month, she started recording the man’s sexual advances, mostly as audio files. She collected strong evidence against the culprit and shared her worries with a woman who lived with the suspect. The woman then helped the minor lodge a complaint against the elderly.

It has also been learnt that artist used to trash the victim everytime she resisted to his evil deeds.

The probe against the accused in underway, said the police.

Digital rape did not fall under the ambit of rape until after 2012 Nirbhaya case.

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